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Technical-Economic Study of the Photovoltaic Pumping System and Generator of the Madinah Village in Dabola, Republic of Guinea

This work concerns the study and analysis of the technical and economic aspects of the water pumping station in the village of Madina in the prefecture of Dabola, powered by a photovoltaic energy system and a generator. The methodology adopted consists of carrying out the economic analysis of the photovoltaic and generator pumping systems separately, using economic analytical formulas in order to compare the costs between the two systems. The evaluation of the overall updated cost of the cubic meter of water pumped required knowledge of the following data: the lifespan of each component, the initial investment, the annual maintenance costs and the replacement costs of the different subsystems. The results obtained show that the pumping by the photovoltaic generator needs an initial investment of 89000000 GNF, or approximately (9000 US dollars) with a depreciation of 4511428.571GNF or (460 US dollars). The annual maintenance of the pumping system by the photovoltaic generator is therefore 1630000 GNF (165 US dollars). Pumping by the generator set needs an initial investment of 56500000 GNF or (6000 US Dollars) for depreciation of 2902857.143 GNF or (300 US Dollars). The annual maintenance of the pumping system by the generator is therefore 965000 GNF (100 US dollars). For normal operation, the annual operation of the generator will be 36653300 GNF (4000 US dollars). On the basis of this study, it appears that the cubic meter of water pumped by the generator costs 3700.56 GNF or (0.40 US dollars) while with the photovoltaic generator the price of the cubic meter of water is 560.86 GNF or (0.06 US Dollars). Thus, it appears that pumping water by solar photovoltaic energy is more interesting.

Technical-Economic, Pumping, Photovoltaic, Generator, Dabola

Ansoumane Sakouvogui, Saïdou Barry, Hamidou Barry, Thierno Amadou Barry, Mamby Keita. (2023). Technical-Economic Study of the Photovoltaic Pumping System and Generator of the Madinah Village in Dabola, Republic of Guinea . International Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, 12(5), 61-66.

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