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Impact of Harmonic Disturbances on the Lifespan of a Domestic Station in the City of Niamey

Electrical energy is transported to consumers by means of electrical networks that are a set of infrastructures allowing the transport and distribution of this energy flow. Among these infrastructures, the MV/LV (Medium Voltage to Low Voltage) distribution transformer is one of the key elements in the distribution chain. The lifetime of transformer stations is estimated to be around 20 years under nominal operation. The aim of this scientific work is to evaluate the influence of harmonic disturbances on the lifetime of a domestic substation (Tree-Phase) in the city of Niamey. This article has made it possible to obtain on the three phase a higher temperature of the hot spot in the presence of harmonics than that recorded in the regime without harmonics (e g. 58.84°C against 57.79°C). The impact in terms of loss of life of the electrical transformer was determined to be 206.32 seconds against 178.59 seconds on phase 1. In addition, the results obtained following the evaluation of lifespan in fundamental regime have concluded that the transformer is not overloaded, but the loads placed between its terminals are unbalanced. The consequence of this imbalance will cause premature ageing of the insulating papers at the level of windings wich supply the overloaded phases. On the other hand, under harmonic conditions, currents with harmonics at the transformer terminals contribute to the ageing of the transformer.

Diagnostics, Harmonic, Electrical Transformer, Hot Spot Temperature, Lifetime

Daouda Abdourahimoun, Mamadou Aissami Madou Attami, Abba Kaga Lagare Abatcha. (2023). Impact of Harmonic Disturbances on the Lifespan of a Domestic Station in the City of Niamey. International Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, 12(3), 36-40.

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