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Volume 5, Issue 4-1, July 2016, Page: 31-34
Definition, Quantifying and Gauging of Tightness
Xu Changxiang, Zhejiang China Valve Co. Ltd., Wenzhou, Zhejiang, 325024, China
Received: Jun. 22, 2016;       Accepted: Jun. 25, 2016;       Published: Aug. 24, 2016
DOI: 10.11648/j.ijepe.s.2016050401.14      View  3383      Downloads  109
A leakage for fluid in a pressure vessel to flow through its sealing joint to the atmosphere is just like a leakage for electric charges in a capacitor to flow through its insulator to the ground, and hence there is a sealing law for pressure vessels that is completely similar to Ohm's law, stating the leakage current IL flowing through a sealing joint of pressure vessels is directly proportional to the pressure difference p between its two ends and inversely proportional to its leak resistance RL, or IL = p/RL. Thus it can be known according to the sealing law that the tightness or leak resistance (RL = p/IL = pt/C) is the product of pressure p and time t expended on leaking a unit cubage of fluid through sealing joints under a fixed pressure p and can be gauged according to the sealing theorem RL = p(p – 0.5Δp)Δt/(ΔpC), and the greater the value of p/Δp, the shorter the time required to observe, or the closer to being done at a constant pressure and temperature the test, and the more accurate the test result, where p is the test pressure, Δt is the time expended on the pressure decay from p to (p – Δp), C is the test fluid cubage.
Pressure Energy, Pressure's Sustainability, Sealing Law, Sealing Theorem, Tightness, Leak Resistance
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Xu Changxiang, Definition, Quantifying and Gauging of Tightness, International Journal of Energy and Power Engineering. Special Issue: Xu’s Sealing and Flowing Theories of Fluids. Vol. 5, No. 4-1, 2016, pp. 31-34. doi: 10.11648/j.ijepe.s.2016050401.14
ISO 19879 Metallic tube connections for fluid power and general use — Test methods for hydraulic fluid power connections
ISO 5208 Industrial valves — Pressure testing of metallic valves
ISO/TR 11340 Rubber and rubber products — Hydraulic hose assemblies — External leakage classification for hydraulic systems
XU Changxiang. XU's Sealing Theory and Rectangular & O-Shaped Ring Seals [J]. PETRO-CHEMICAL EQUIPMENT,2013,42(2):78-85.
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