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Monitoring and Effectiveness Analysis of a Hybrid PV Battery System in Real Conditions

The use of solar energy is a common subject of conversation, especially within the context of Sub-Saharan African local and national governments. Concerns about the challenges of sustainable development, as well as the desire to manage running expenses in the face of growing diesel prices, promote a close examination of the "solar PV battery" alternative for charging exploitation. In this paper, we provide a detail description of the 300 Wp of solar power erected at the University of Joseph KI-ZERBO. This autonomous PV system (APS) provides electricity to meet the basic electrical needs of the Laboratory of Materials and Environment (LAME), which was established for this purpose. A data acquisition campaign is conducted in order to operate and monitor the study's APS. The collected data used to examine the effectiveness characteristics of the APS are explained and discussed. The experimental results obtained throughout the measurement campaign revealed that the PV system functions normally, with PR values ranging from 82% to 98%. Then, a sensitivity study is performed using behavioral models related to the correlation coefficients, and the outcomes are compared to experimental evidence. The monthly average performance ratio with Lame Lab PV modules was 4.76 percent higher than the average performance ratio found in the literature.

Monitoring, Acquisition System, Reliability, PV System

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Bonkoungou, D., Ilboudo, J. M., Kabre, A., Koalaga, Z. (2023). Monitoring and Effectiveness Analysis of a Hybrid PV Battery System in Real Conditions. International Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, 12(6), 75-83.

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Bonkoungou, D.; Ilboudo, J. M.; Kabre, A.; Koalaga, Z. Monitoring and Effectiveness Analysis of a Hybrid PV Battery System in Real Conditions. Int. J. Energy Power Eng. 2023, 12(6), 75-83. doi: 10.11648/j.ijepe.20231206.11

AMA Style

Bonkoungou D, Ilboudo JM, Kabre A, Koalaga Z. Monitoring and Effectiveness Analysis of a Hybrid PV Battery System in Real Conditions. Int J Energy Power Eng. 2023;12(6):75-83. doi: 10.11648/j.ijepe.20231206.11

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